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Swift Certification audits organisations to ISO standards for quality, environmental, health & safety and information security management. Our experienced auditors ensure a smooth certification process, offering thorough assessments and actionable feedback. By having Swift Certification as your ISO Certification Partner, we offer excellent auditing and global competitiveness. 

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Swift Certification

Auditing Process

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Step 1: Preparation For the Audit

  Upon engaging with Swift
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Step 2: Initial Stage One Assessment

  The initial stage one
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Step 3: Initial Stage Two Assessment

  Step 3: Initial Stage
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Step 4: Annual Review

  The annual surveillance review
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Swift Certification boasts a small team of auditors, each with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the ISO industry. Swift quickly gained recognition for its prompt and professional auditing services. We pride ourselves on consistently completing audits in a timely manner. Offering premium customer service throughout the auditing process sets Swift Certification apart. Clients can expect attentive support and guidance at every step, enhancing their overall experience.


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